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Family First: Madrid’s Fede Valverde Punches Villarreal’s Baena After Disrespectful Remarks

As a diehard Madridista, yesterday’s loss to Villarreal cut me deep. Those two stunners from Chukwueze had me seeing red – and I wasn’t the only one.

After the final whistle, our midfield maestro Fede Valverde reportedly gave Villarreal’s Alex Baena a piece of his mind. And by “mind”, I mean his fist.

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According to ESPN, Fede Valverde confronted the upstart outside the team bus, demanding Baena repeat the trash he was talking during the match. Turns out, this beef goes way back to our Copa Del Rey match in January when Baena told Fede to “cry, because your child won’t be born.” Talk about hitting below the belt.

Fede’s girlfriend had just revealed they lost their baby. Thankfully, the little one turned out to be ok after further tests.

Still, Baena’s words cut Valverde deep. Deep enough that the Uruguayan star saw red and lashed out in anger after the final whistle yesterday.

I can’t say I blame him. As any expectant dad would, Fede was just defending his family’s honor. Villarreal claim they’ve got the whole thing on video and have gone crying to the cops.

Baena’s also whining about pressing charges. Please, as if he didn’t have it coming after what he said!

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The way I see it, Baena should consider himself lucky he only got a punch from Fede Valverde – and not a straight red like his team deserved yesterday!

Now we’ve gotta regroup fast. Chelsea are up next in the Champions League and we can’t afford to drop more points. I just hope Fede’s temper has cooled by then. Still, you don’t mess with a man’s family. Baena had to learn that the hard way.


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