La Liga Slams Real Madrid Over 'Unfair Advantage' Tactics

La Liga Slams Real Madrid Over Unfair Advantage Tactics

In the latest chapter of an escalating feud, La Liga has accused Real Madrid of attempting to gain an unfair competitive edge through a “relentless campaign” against Spanish referees. The accusation comes after Real filed a complaint alleging a referee omitted racist chants aimed at their player Vinicius Jr. from his match report.

The controversy began on March 18th when Real Madrid claimed referee Juan Martínez Munuera “voluntarily and deliberately omitted” racist insults directed at Vinicius during their 4-2 win over Osasuna. However, the Spanish Football Federation’s refereeing committee backed Munuera, stating the racist chants were included in the official report.

Osasuna also denied any racist behaviour from their fans, condemning only “insults by a minority.” This contradicted Real’s assertion that their players had warned Munuera about the abuse during the match itself.

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Tensions reached a boiling point on March 20th as La Liga released an official statement accusing Real Madrid of repeatedly trying to “obtain competitive advantages” through actions that “damage the integrity of the competition.”

While acknowledging Munuera’s conduct was “impeccable” and followed the rules, La Liga expressed “concern and rejection” over Real’s “relentless campaign” which they claim is an attempt to pressure referees with the “presumed intention of obtaining advantages.”

This incident is just the latest in an ongoing conflict between Real Madrid and Spanish football authorities over racist abuse targeted at Brazilian star Vinicius Jr. Real has reported several instances to prosecutors, condemning the “violent attacks” and lack of punishment.

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The racist chanting has sparked widespread outrage, with figures like FIFA president Gianni Infantino and the Spanish prime minister weighing in. La Liga itself has announced plans to request greater powers to punish clubs whose fans engage in such behaviour.

At the time of La Liga’s statement, Real Madrid had not issued an official response to the accusation of attempting to gain competitive advantages. However, the club shows no signs of backing down from their stance against racist abuse and perceived referee injustices.

As this high-profile conflict rages on, the integrity of Spanish football remains under scrutiny. All eyes will be on how both parties proceed to resolve these serious allegations in a manner that upholds the ethics and fairness of the sport.

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