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Real Madrid Hesitant to Release Young Stars for U-20 World Cup

Real Madrid’s famed youth academy, La Fabrica, appears to have rediscovered its Midas touch in recent years. The club currently boast an exciting trio of starlets touted as the next big things in Alvaro Rodriguez, Vinicius Tobias and Nico Paz.

Given their prodigious talent and maturity belying their tender years, it is little wonder that the threesome are already firmly entrenched in their respective national teams’ plans.

While their burgeoning prominence on the international stage is undoubtedly a positive, it is causing Los Blancos a headache for now.

With the FIFA U-20 World Cup set to kick off in Argentina on May 20, all three protégés are expected to earn call-ups.

However, according to reports from journalist Jorge Picon, the Spanish champions are undecided about releasing their young charges for the tournament. Talks have commenced with the relevant football associations but a final decision remains in limbo.

Real Madrid’s reticence to grant the trio permission chiefly stems from their reserve side’s position in their division.

Castilla currently occupy second spot in Group 1 of the Primera Federacion, just a single point adrift of leaders Alcorcon.

Promotion to La Liga 2 is thus a genuine prospect, either directly or via the playoffs.

Real Madrid Hesitant to Release Young Stars for U-20 World Cup

Rodriguez, Tobias and Paz are all instrumental to Castilla’s promotion push. Letting them go at this critical juncture could scupper their chances. Unsurprisingly, Real Madrid’s stance is understandable.

The club are under no obligation to release them as the U-20 World Cup does not feature on FIFA’s official calendar. Los Blancos therefore intend to meet with the Uruguayan, Argentine and Brazilian football associations regarding Rodriguez, Paz and Tobias respectively before making a final pronouncement.

The initial thinking is to retain all three starlets. After all, the club do not wish to risk souring relations by allowing one to join his national team while preventing others from doing likewise.

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