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Redknapp Urges Tottenham to Sign Modric: Could the Croatian Return to Spurs?

Could Luka Modric make a sensational return to Tottenham? Former Spurs manager Harry Redknapp thinks it’s worth a shot, as he discusses the midfielder’s potential impact on the current squad.

Former Tottenham manager, Harry Redknapp, has shared his thoughts on the possibility of Luka Modric returning to the club. With his contract at Real Madrid expiring this summer, the Croatian midfielder could be on the move, and Redknapp believes Spurs should try to sign him if he doesn’t renew his contract.

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Modric played 160 games for Tottenham and made significant contributions, scoring 32 goals and displaying an overall high level of quality on the pitch. His move to Real Madrid was a testament to his exceptional talent, and he has since become one of the best midfield players in the world. Modric has helped Real Madrid win five Champions League titles, playing a pivotal role in each of those victories.

Despite being nearly 38 years old, Redknapp believes Modric could still add significant value to Tottenham’s current squad, which he feels lacks quality players who can control the game and keep the ball. “They lack people that can keep the ball, when you’re playing against 10 men and you’re 1-0 up,” Redknapp said in a recent interview on talkSPORT.

Modric’s return to Tottenham would be a fitting end to his career if he decides to leave Real Madrid. However, Redknapp acknowledges that his continued success at the Spanish club may make it difficult for Tottenham to lure him back. “The chance of Modric heading to north London when he’s still a crucial member of the Real side is slim, no matter how useful it would be for Tottenham,” he said.

Nonetheless, Redknapp remains optimistic that Modric could provide the quality and class that Tottenham’s midfield currently lacks. “He’s a fantastic footballer, but they lack somebody with a bit of quality in there, a bit of class who can keep the ball for them at times like the other night when the game [vs Everton] was there for the taking,” he added.

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The possibility of Luka Modric returning to Tottenham may seem like a long shot, but Redknapp’s opinions offer a glimpse of hope for Spurs fans. With the midfielder’s contract at Real Madrid set to expire this summer, Tottenham may have a slim chance to bring him back to the club where he first made a name for himself.


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