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The Football World Must Stand United Against Racism

In the wake of Sunday’s disturbing incident involving Real Madrid’s forward Vinicius Jr., the football world finds itself at a critical juncture.

The Brazilian star was subjected to racial abuse by Valencia supporters, an act that has left many in the sport demanding more decisive action from players and authorities alike.

The Spanish authorities have responded by imposing a partial stadium closure on Valencia and a fine of 45,000 euros (£39,000). However, Valencia has decried the decision as “disproportionate, unjust, and unprecedented,” and plans to appeal against the closure of the Mestalla’s south stand for five games.

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Meanwhile, Vinicius Jr.’s stoppage-time red card has been rescinded, sparing him a suspension. However, he will be absent from Madrid’s LaLiga match on Wednesday evening.

Demonstration in Sao Palo against racism
23 May 2023, Brazil, Sao Paulo: Demonstrators from anti-racist social movements gather in front of the Spanish Consulate General to protest the racist attacks on Real Madrid’s Brazilian player Vinicius Junior. Photo: Allison Sales/dpa (Photo by Allison Sales/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The incident has once again ignited the debate on racism in football, with faith in national and international authorities like UEFA and FIFA to effectively address the issue dwindling.

The president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, has faced criticism for his comments about Vinicius, perpetuating a harmful narrative that the player somehow incites such abuse.

Former footballer Ian Wright has been vocal about the need for action, stating, “There are no more slogans left. No more campaigns. No more conversations to be had. Enough. We have to affect the money. That’s all they care about.”

The question of whether players should walk off the pitch in protest has been raised, but elite players have been hesitant to commit to such a drastic measure. The decision often falls to the victim of the abuse, as was the case with Vinicius at the Mestalla.

Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois has expressed solidarity with his teammate, stating, “If Vini wants to keep playing, we keep playing, but if Vini says he’s not playing any more, I’m leaving the pitch with him.”

While Courtois’ sentiment is commendable, it raises an important point: the decision to walk off the pitch should not rest solely on the shoulders of black players. Racism is a blight on the sport that affects everyone, regardless of their ethnicity.

The Football World Must Stand United Against Racism

The emotional toll of the incident was evident as Vinicius was reduced to tears. It is unfair and unreasonable to expect black players, particularly in such distressing circumstances, to make such monumental decisions.

They should not have to shoulder this burden alone, especially given the potential implications of letting down teammates, staff, and fans.

If Madrid’s white players, including Courtois, had taken the initiative to walk off the pitch, it would have sent a powerful message: racism is not a problem for black players to face alone. It is a problem for the entire football community to confront together.

As we move forward, it is crucial that we remember this incident not just as a tipping point, but as a call to arms. The fight against racism in football is a collective responsibility, and it is high time we all played our part.

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