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Aurélien Tchouaméni Could Influence Bellingham’s Next Move

As anticipation grows regarding the next step in Jude Bellingham’s burgeoning career, another talented midfielder, Real Madrid’s Aurélien Tchouaméni, may influence where the coveted Englishman ends up this summer.

When the transfer market reopens, a single big-money move often triggers a flurry of other deals. So, to understand Bellingham’s destiny, it’s prudent to consider Tchouaméni – a player in the same position with similar value to Real Madrid – who could be instrumental in the ongoing drama surrounding the 19-year-old’s future.

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Jude Bellingham, whose eventual sale would likely shatter the £113 million British transfer record, seems unlikely to join long-time admirers Liverpool, who appear unwilling to meet Borussia Dortmund’s doubtless exorbitant asking price.

That leaves Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid leading the chase for his signature.

For Real Madrid, signing Bellingham is not a necessity. That’s not to say he and Tchouaméni couldn’t forge a fruitful partnership.

However, with Tchouaméni and other comparable talents already on the books and Los Blancos having spent conservatively in recent windows, the Spanish giants are unlikely to stake all their hopes on Bellingham – whereas he would be a game-changing acquisition for a club like Liverpool.

Tchouaméni Could Influence Bellingham’s Next Move

In contrast, Tchouaméni, a €100 million investment, is not guaranteed to start for Real Madrid regularly. Though brought in with the long term in mind, the former Monaco man is committed to the cause.

However, if Real’s hierarchy becomes convinced that Jude Bellingham is better suited to the role, they could choose to fund a move for the English starlet by offloading Tchouaméni, who is still finding his feet in the Spanish capital.

With French wonderkid Eduardo Camavinga adeptly switching between midfield and full-back, there is space for another body in the centre, especially with veterans Luka Modric and Toni Kroos still to extend contracts expiring at season’s end. In this game, anything is possible.

Tchouaméni would also be an attractive option for – you guessed it – Liverpool. After missing out on his signature initially, he would be a satisfying fallback should they again fail to land Bellingham.

Liverpool also need a marquee midfield signing following a season in which they’ve lacked their usual verve and energy under Jürgen Klopp, an avowed Tchouaméni fan.

Whatever any player desires, such lucrative transfers ultimately come down to hard cash. Dortmund will demand a king’s ransom for Bellingham, and Liverpool – dropping from Champions League affluence to a compromised position – taking a back step signals that financial powerhouses Real Madrid, Manchester City and PSG will be the central players here.

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Though deals are yet to officially start, feverish speculation already surrounds Europe’s premier talents and where some may land. With the Premier League’s unparalleled financial muscle, English clubs will undoubtedly star.

However, goings-on across the continent will dictate events, so all players – not just Jude Bellingham, presently the talk of the town – warrant close attention.


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